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søndag den 27. januar 2013

Chopped It Off - Inappropriate&Awkward Posing

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Into Inspiration x Beauty on Youtube

Ever Since I was in the sixth grade I have been watching beauty tutorials on Youtube. The quality of the videos back in 2006 were absolutely obscene, when compared to today's high definition quality and professional cutting. I remember some of the first videos that I watched was a fan-upload of a beauty segment on the Tyra Banks show - waaay back, as you can see. She kept putting on make up and ended looking like the supermodel she was, but whenever I would do it I would look like a complete retard with no sense haha!

Bubzbeauty, Michelle Phan, Dulcecandy, StyleSuzi, Askmemakeup, KandeeJohnson and Hollyannaeree were some of the few that I started to watch frequently back then. They made make up relatable to the average pre-teen that I was in some way, and for me it is much more fun to see it be applied in action instead of reading about the steps in a magazine (I do enjoy that too though!)
     I have found so many new talented gals who love to share their knowledge and passion for all things beauty and I simply cannot resist watching their new videos every week. Suddenly they all got engaged, got kids etc. and they have no qualms about letting us into their private affairs. I guess this must be the new age, not to mind displaying your baby in front of thousands os anynomous souls. I love it.

I love Youtube. I don't know what I'd do without it. You can find all you can dream on uploaded onto this site. I'm sure that I use that website more than Facebook! (which is pretty impressive this day and age) as of lately I have been re-watching these "airplane beauty/regiment" videos and I must say that it has really put me into the Australian mood! I am going in 12 days ERHMERHGERHD It's crazy how these women know so much, even the small details, but that's probably what makes them succesfull make artists and beauty gurus online. It's easy to see that they have made put a lot of effort into these short tutorials. Out of the 283 million videos I have chosen my top three; this list is biased to be honest, as I obsviously enjoy watching these gals videos on a daily basis hehe. Anywho, enjoy!

Bubzbeauty -

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Lisa Eldridge -

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Michelle Phan -


fredag den 25. januar 2013

Unboxing - Jeffrey Campbell x Litas

My very first Litas! I am so amazingly excited and bummed out at the same time. The reason for the conflicting feelings are that

1) I own a pair of these babies
2) got these on sale! 
3) they are not the usual black leather ones
4) It's snowing again, and I would never expose these gems to such conditions on their virgin ride

- No way. And how the hell does the weather go from negative celcius to 6 degrees celcius down to neagtive 5 degrees celcius in two weeks anyways?!

When I try to look nice, my sister always thinks of my fashion sense as being out there (compared to hers anyways!) but somehow I managed to convert her to love these boots. It's magic man, magic. Jeffrey Campbell shoes are very pricey here in Denmark, so getting them on sale is almost like buying them at normal prices in the USA haha. It's okay, I can justify it. Sort of.

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onsdag den 23. januar 2013

A Sneak Peak

"Too little time, so much to do", as the theme song for Mary Kate and Ashley's very old series go. I've been really busy and haven't had time to just sit down and enjoy typing a nice blog post, which really blows, and especially when I got this baby in the mail! I will ask of you to extend the period of time, of which you do not know what the contents in this box are. However, I can positively say that it's amazing, and I get stoked everytime I just look at the cardboard still chilling in my room.

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søndag den 20. januar 2013

A Great Gift

Beautiful Torild gifted me with Sephora's holiday pallette ( the one with eyeshadows, lip gloss, blush etc.) and I have been loving it! There are shimmers, mattes, glitters and in a variety of colours and to sum it up, it's a lot of fun to play with. I am really enjoying the warm neutral shades, because they tend to come off a little red-ish. Perhaps it's only mine that does that or that I am colour-confused yikes but I actually really like that about them. They pay off is great, the texture smooth. Some of them are a bit chalky, but not to the extent that it drives me crazy. The blushes and lip glosses are really not bad either!

I was killing the pallette over the holidays, and still do whenever I have time to get ready in the morning haha. Needless to say that it will be accompanying me to Australia. It would almost be silly to leave it in Denmark!

fredag den 18. januar 2013

I'm Shipping

I know I'm not the only fan of Klaroline. If any of you guys watch Vampire Diaries you would know that there are just as many love-lines on the show as there are people who die - and that's a whole lot! One courtship I would cry tears of joy over, would be if Klaus and Caroline got intimate. How long will the writers keep teasing me with their push and pull relationship!?

Even so, I am still a dedicated supporter of Tyler and Caroline. Their love is like no other, they've really fought for it. I think I'd be a supporter of anyone Caroline decides to devote her love to (biased much), but I am still strongly attracted to the idea of Klaroline. Maybe it's the way she's straightforward with him, or how he calls her "love".

Perhaps the continuation of season 3 will fulfill my wish. It definitely seems as if the show is heading towards that direction at least. It's outrageous; Just look at them in the picture below. They look so happy, and so good, and so genuinly in love, and so ....

tirsdag den 15. januar 2013

Why. WHY?!

Christmas vacation is over, I can feel it in every inch of my body. I'm starting to stress, I get less and less sleep and I can't seem to concentrate on the things that I am supposed to be doing. Like now. I have a maths assignment due about the one theme I that might singlehandedly make me flunk this subject- can you tell it's a draining one? It's probably because of the fact that my teacher wants us to describe everything. EVERYTHING.

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mandag den 14. januar 2013

Clarins - Teint Haute Tenue

Clarins, Teint Haute Tenue spf 15 "Everlasting Foundation". This, my friends, is my "foundation-lightener-when-all-else-has-become-too-dark" simply because it would be overly ghostly on my complexion used by itself haha. Perfect for winter though. I do really like it for this purpose though, as it has good coverage (we're talking semi to full) and it sets nicely even after a couple of hours.

It is not a cheap one, but Clarins products are usually worth the price, and you get quite a lot of product too. The packaging has the air of luxury and the matted glass is a nice touch. It has a built in nozzle on the bottle and therefor keeps the product as hygienic as possible + makes it easier to dose.

The shade seems way white on the back of my hand on a pic below, but as you can see on the next one, it blends seamlessly into my skin providing decent coverage. I like like like this foundation. The smell is not weirdly funky either, yay!

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lørdag den 12. januar 2013

A Froyo Yolo

So divine. It doesn't help combat my obsession when I know that it's low on carbs too. Good Grace. Been a couple of times with some sweet faces, most recently with the one you can see in the pictures below. I am crazy about the lemon one, it's addictive. Why must all nice treats be so darn pricey? I know that the price for a froyo is in accordance to the weight, but how can anyone possibly stop halfway??

Another thing I am transfixed by, is my friend's awesome polist. It looks like billions of crushed diamonds, gaaaaah

søndag den 6. januar 2013

Peppermint Fusion - I'm Not A Kiwi

I added two new shades to my nail polish collection, the blue called: Peppermint fusion & the lime called: I'm not a kiwi. The lime green name is the cutest, wheras "Peppermint fusion" reminds me of gum haha. They were on sale and I couldn't help myself- luckily I was not let down!

Both are very pigemented, creamy and easy to work with. By the second layer they cover like a dream and something I absolutely must stress is the durability; I had "Peppermint fusion" on for 1 1/2 weeks (going to work, school, doing the dishes, crazy ass stuff I normally do) and they did not chip on me at all. That is brilliance right there.

I am too crazy about the dusty yet vibrant blue shade, and thus I have ordered myself not to apply it as I have been wearing it too much lately. I still have not had the chance to wear "I'm not a kiwi", but I might just pop them on my nails before going to Aussie haha- and yes, I do know that Kiwis are for New Zealand, but whatever. The formula of their varnishes has improved considerably and the array of shades is really impressive. H&M gets a thumbs up from me!

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