fredag den 27. juli 2012

You Make Me Giggle

To love someone so much it makes you want to curl up in a tight ball, kind of like a fetus, delirious and high on happiness. A happiness that causes you to roll around in an absolute and fulfilling bliss, not paying any attention to the how moronic this scene might be, and all whilst throwing random fits of giggling.

This is how much I love you, this is how much I love you all.

Pictures provided by beautiful Laura @ 

tirsdag den 17. juli 2012


MDNA, Denmark.
"LUV Madonna. Why- oh- you, you wanna"
#Madonna xx

torsdag den 5. juli 2012

My Beautiful City V


My city watches over me. 
"I drive on the streets, 'cause she's my companion, 
I walk through the hills, 'cause she knows who I am. 
She sees my good deeds and shes kisses me windy, " 
#Under the bridge, Red Hot Chili Peppers