lørdag den 30. april 2011

I'm lovin' it

Now that it is summer, I eat tons of ice cream. Healthy? -No. Good? -Yes. It's also finally spring, with the weather being constant. Yay!! I can't get over it. I think I got a teeny bit of colour already. Oh, well least a flush.

Went to an outlet today and bought a lot of cute stuff. Hehe, a little sneak info: Shoes, Hello Kitty, shoes, tea cup and shoes.

fredag den 29. april 2011

Ultra Late OOTD

A very late ootd: 
Hat thingy: No idea
Sweater: Björkvin
Top: MbyM
Jeans: H&M
Nailpolish: Gosh's in miss minty
Shoes: I think.. Some danish store!

lørdag den 23. april 2011


School project

This was a school project I made for months ago. It was an important one, as it could end up on my ... What's it called? Uhm.. ah, school diploma! Yup. Was working alone ( too ambitous) and we only had one week. I worked constantly and hard. I was pretty hardcore, if I could say so myself! Hehe, the thing you see was my 3D project. It's a miniature size of some real life school facilities.

mandag den 18. april 2011

Fabricated Freak

Babble and other fun

I have a crazy headache as I am typing these words >_< It hurts! Felt like sharing a fun treasure i found when I was shopping with my friend on Strøget. 

We went into a store, where everything is super cheap. I then saw this tiger balm thing, and if you know what tiger blam is, it is a very.. Strong scented balm (somewhat minty), to help ease strained muscles, numb mosquito bites, heal colds, etc. So as i lifted the product up to my nose and sniffed, I was totally surprised. It smelled just like rootbeer! I laughed at my discovery and thought it was something worth showing.

 If it works as effectively as an authentic tiger balm? I don't know. If smelling like rootbeer is awesome? Definitely. I might just go back and buy it.

This was probably the worst hot coco I have ever tasted. It was bitter and yucky. The aftertaste was really horrible too. Not even worth 15 kroner. 

lørdag den 16. april 2011


Me love.

Walking and walking and..

Spring break! Yay! I am slagging totally and utterly. This vacation has been longawaited. Yesterday I hung out with my friend and it was really sunny, so we thought: let's go for a walk! So we walked and walked and walked. While we walked the wind was blowing like crazy over the country of no mountains and hills, so my hair was blowing everywhere, and annoyed the heck out of me. Ugh. 

When my friend went home, I went to the library, for I've run out of litterature, and I am in dire need for something readable. It resulted in me borrowing ten books, each with 400 pages, a heavy school bag and me having to walk home for 35 minutes. 

fredag den 15. april 2011


I wrote earlier that I'd bought a lot of stuff, and with that, I bought a Chanel powder. The reason for me bying it, was, that it could be used as a high lighter. In the store it looked shimmery and beautiful and I was sold, so I bought it right away! I've tried it out a couple of times and it flops. It doesn't work as a high lighter and it sucks as a powder. I am not impressed, at all.

The only good thing about this product is its packaging. I can without doubt say that it is top class. Both pretty and sturdy, but can get dirty with the oils from your finger, and then it'll turn ugly and gasthly. But if you clean it frequently (just wipe it with some paper or cloth really quick) it'll be as good as new. -The pouch that comes with is a nice detail too!

torsdag den 14. april 2011


The King of Fruits

In Malaysia at my uncles house. It smells, it's heavy, it's dangerous, its taste is.. unique. It's only natural that asians eat it. Nah, but it's actually good. I like it- but only when it's sweet. Otherwise, it'll taste yucky.

Fun fact: In Malaysia, more people die of a durian dropping down on their heads, than in car accidents.

Froid Avril

Last weekend it was 20 degrees. Suddenly the weather became angry, pms'ed or something and turned cold again :( I was looking forward to be hanging out with friends and laying out in the sun. It seems, that my friends and I only meet up if the sun is shining. Interesting.

But because of the weather, I am still wearing this (referring to the picture below). I keep talking about the weather, so on to another subject! My exams are starting soon, but before that I'll be visiting family out on the country. It's been forever since we all met up, so I'm really excited. 

Re-watched one of my favourite movies of all times the other day. It's called "Alexander" I think and is based on the historical person Alexander the Great. He was a macedonian king who conquered Greece and fought his way into Asia with his awesome army and even won that over. After almost 11 long years (That's how long it took in real life!) they were to return home. Then suddenly, his beloved childhood friend Hephastion becomes sick and dies. He dies not too long after, due to drinking. It's a very dramatic, yet wonderful story. Gets me everytime. -And I really like Jared Leto, who plays Alexander aka Colin Farrell's childhood friend.. *blush

My face looks weird in this picture. Hmm.

onsdag den 6. april 2011

The Innocent

Humour across the world

In or on the way to Malaysia in some airport. Guess what we spotted? It's a really old pic and Brüno is outdated, yeah yeah, but still felt like posting it! When my family and I were in Malaysia, we showed Brüno trailer to our cousins and they were schocked. Aghast. So safe to say that they didn't show the trailer in Malaysia.. I guess this confirms that different countries has different kind of humour.

Camwhore attack

OTD coming soon! 
Loving my sisters... Red thing I am wearing.
And my mint green nails.
And the old worn sweater.
And my curls. 

..It keeps getting better.

tirsdag den 5. april 2011

.. Denmark


Banana smoothie with greek youghurt and honey, with a pinch of vanilla. Yum.
I put vanilla in everything, really..
..But it just fit so well with anything sweet :3 

Carrot cake! It's seriously my favorite in the world. It tastes soo good. Mhhh. 
-Kind of easy and kind of hard to make.. Ugh, if it could take 2 seconds to make.
I could eat it aaaalll day! And I can guarantee that even you would like it. 

I know. It looks like eggs or crap, but it's not. Not.

lørdag den 2. april 2011

Three Things

My three most beloved. -Electronics! Some of the things I use non stop. 
In no particular order: Ipod, cellphone and camera. 

Almost looks like I've got a color scheme going on. red&black. No it seriously didn't strike me before.. Well, long after I got them!

I love them and almost abuse them every day. Must remind myself to shut them off and let them be from time to time.. Just love them sooo much. Wow, I sound like a psycho.. o.O

Yes, that is a danish pastry in the background.

Malaysia has THE best malls.

Like you just read, I swear that Malaysia (if not Asia) has the best malls and department stores in the whole wide world! Like, the malls we have in Denmark, they just suck and look like.. A dog's house in comparison, to for example Sunway pyramid. No, it looks like an ant in comparison! Ugh. This kind of thing makes me want to travel there even more. Just gotta save up I guess... 

I want to show some pics of Pavilion, which is more of a.. High end brand mall. It's super awesome and very classy, and there is Topshop and other small brands too. Under the mall, in the.. basement? wtf? Anyways, there is like this big eating place. They sell the best food ever! -Well they sell a lot of different food, from different brands and such, but it's all just so good. And there is a supermarket down there too. It's a super awesome place. Want to go there again!!

Isn't the water fountain outside insanely pretty?

Even the facade is pretty!

The inside.. And a random family posing, as we took the pic. (probably didn't pose for us)

Sorry that some of the pics are kind of blurry. But you get the idea!