tirsdag den 28. december 2010


I don't know what to write.
I just like these drawings. I think they're kind of hot :)

My super awesome bowler hat!

I loooooooooooove it lots!
It was bought in H&M, so kind of cheap :) 
Ahhhh, I want to wear it everdyday! I'm obsessed +.+
The quality of the colors does not do it justice. It's a deep navy blue!

Independent Women

A picture of something i drew a looong time ago. I still love it nontheless! 
Can you see what it is? I kind of tried to draw it like this: 

first girl: African features    second girl: Asian features   third girl: caucasian features

OBS: Ofcourse their ethnic features can vary from person to person, but this is just three possiblities :) 

mandag den 27. december 2010

Random post

Minimal make up, just some mascara and pink lipstick and face powder :)

Like my glasses? 

tirsdag den 7. december 2010

 Well, my blog IS called Make Up Your ART.. and I haven't been very artsy yet.
So therefor: Enjoy!

I doodled these for quite some time ago though. 
More to come :)

My everyday face routine

This is what i use for my everyday make up:

For face:
Shiseido the skincare tinted moisture protection, in light/clair n.1 
Chanel poudre universelle libre (loose powder), in 50 pêche
Maybelline Clear smooth powder in honey

For cheeks: 
Benifit blush, coralista
Too faced glamour to go (fairy edition), bronzer side.

Best mascara ever!

Do you SEE the wonders this baby does to my lashes?
I am half asian, so my lashes are naturally straight and kind of droops. It sucks. And then! - this came into my life. It was my sister who introduced me to it :)

It's MAX FACTOR FALSE LASHES EFFECT (waterproof- very important!), in black.
I just curled my lashes and applied a coat, and tadaa!
I'll never go back. I might have some fleing affairs, but I will never forget you. Never leave you. Please stay in my make up bag forever.

søndag den 5. december 2010

Let's make up!

Yes, so finally i got some make up pics.
I know. I suck, because it took so long.
-But i finally learned how to upload pics to my com, yay! :)

Here goes:

Products used for the eyeshadow: 
Too Faced glamour to go palette (fairy edition), matte dark brown
   Too Faced glamour to go palette (fairy edition), matte light pink mixed with the shimmery white (highlighter)
Urban Decay, in smog

For the leopard print:
Maybelline line definer, in Noir-black
Wet and wild eyeliner, in n. 6 gold
Too Faced glamour to go palette (fairy edition), the shimmery gold

O2 skin enchantress eyeshadow, in a metallic green shade
O2 skin enchantress eyeshadow, in a lilac shade
Nivea Beauté matt eyeshadow, in rosebud (highlighter)

For both looks is used:
Eyelash curler 
                                                            Too faced shadow insurance
Max factor false lash effect, in black
Bobbi brown longwear gel eyeliner, in black ink 1