fredag den 25. februar 2011


It's so cold. Aaaaah, I can't take it anymore. Really. for two weeks ago we had 5 degrees, but now.. It fell to minus 4.
+.+ OMG, nine degrees. 

Anyways, going to celebrate CNY sunday. Eating sushi! yay yay yay!
Gonna eat myself fat, kekekke. Let's see how that goes.. Got new glasses too! 

mandag den 14. februar 2011


Sugar and Spice

Hey ho, long time no post! 

I went out to eat with my family at this indian restaurant and it was actually very good! Although it was a "take away" store, so all the glasses, forks, knifes, plates etc. was made out of plastic. Tacky, but.. Well, what can I say? I had some rice with alot of different types of curry (they all tasted the same, but nice nonetheless) and a mango lassi (mango lassi is kind of the same as a mango youghurt. - Just nicer and more drinkable!) 

So, here's some pictures. Excuse my bangs/fringe/whatev. It did not want to work with me, at all.

tirsdag den 8. februar 2011

The peachy high light of my day

These are my two fave peachy high lighters. The first one is Venus by Make Up Store & the second is the famous Moon beam by Benefit.

They are quite different, because as you can see, the first (Venus) has a very creamy feel to it and the glitter is much more "out there". Definitely more noticeable than Moon beam. The product comes in a jar and even though it is more convenient (and easier!) that way, it is also not sanitary. It is a very flattering colour for most people though, but it will definitely suit tan people a bit better.

The second is Moon beam and it has a very liquid consistensy. It also has a brush applicator, which makes applying the product more sanitary. I would suggest though, that you do not use the brush to apply it straight onto your face, as bacteria will get into the bottle and make the whole "sanitarity" of it all pointless. It is very subtle, but not to point where it is invisible. Great for winter weather!

I believe that they both retail for what must be over 30 us dollars in Denmark. The funny thing is just that, The Make Up Store is "only Scandinaivien" and we do not have a Sephora in Denmark. So, theres kind of a choice for us people out there without passports!

swaps and pictures of them:


Red whine

Why does it seem like I am always looking down in all of my latest pictures?? Hmm. Maybe it's because I am so tired? I know i took this ages ago, but it was the one pic i really felt a connection to. Haha, tired= mad! 

It's soon winterbreak! It's awesome. Going to Jutland with Bestie. It's going to be epic. Gonna visit her family, dye some hair. Good times, good times.

Japanese is sooo hard. I went like: ... The two hours it lasted. fml. I am never going to advance in this language! It's almost as if my teacher expects me to read hiragana and understand it like "snap". As if, give me some time, patience! Gee, and i got to study so much already T^T

OMG, I am taking the first flight to seoul, get famous, get the lead role in a drama, kiss all of my hot super star co stars and live happily ever after. Now, how will i do this...

Why am I consantly whining? I wonder..

søndag den 6. februar 2011

I'm famous.

I just renamed you.

I went to the cinema today with my bestie ( sounds.. weird 0.0 ) and watched Narnia!
Omg, Ben Barnes, take me! I don't care if you're 29! Age is just a number, baby. - quote from Jacob Black. 
My bestie knitted a scarf for me in a really nice plum-ish purple and it is almost three metres long, haha! Thank you, it's awesome ;) 

Let me tell you a funny story about what happened after the movie:
We had left the cinema and was already standing and waiting for the train to take us home, when suddenly Bestie asks; Where's the scarf? fml. I was about to kill myself, but instead ran back to the cinema. I kind of trespassed and went into the exact same "room" where we had just watched the movie, but it wasn't there. Then we went down to the ticket sale, but they didn't have it either :( I was about to give up, when we opted to go and look for it where we had watched the movie, where we then met a worker, who kindly helped us and said that it had been returned to the café. So, we sprint down (mind you, the café, ticket sales and entry was at level 1, the movie sal and level three) to find out that there was two cafés. lol. But I got the right one, and my scarf was back to it's rightful owner! Yay! I really can be so dense..

But thank you so much again. 
Had a great time!

Doing homework. There's alot, so I gotta get to it. 
Another awesome quote: Hit the books, they won't hit back. 

Pictures I took of Bestie when we were doing a "photo shoot"
Lovely, right? :)

fredag den 4. februar 2011

All smiles. -And mild emo-ness.

Mildly emo. The person who found my stolen item did not return it yet :'(
So sad. walao, I'm going to kick a wall in.

OMG! We finally got Inglot in Denmark!! I almost fainted at the spot, when i saw the shop. Bought a concealer (kind of pricey, but THE perfect color). It's really creamy though. Got to work with that.. But I still love it to bits. I'll probably post it here sometime!

torsdag den 3. februar 2011

Happy New Year!

Gong xi fa cai! 
It is chinese new year, and this year it is the rabbit who's the boss.
I wish you all pespority..pespe.. Money and health! 

Hugs and mooncakes, 
Yours Truly

What a Hoot

So I am out visiting alot of gymnasiums (high schools), but I'm not sure of what to do.
I am really liking one, especially because it is IB - English- and thus gives me an edge internationally.Or so, I think.. 

I am going to visit a couple more, and hope that I'll figure it out soon.
I'm missing out on too much school!- What a weird sentence... 

I am seriously not believing in karma anymore. I ALWAYS help people. ALWAYS. And what do I get in return? All my stuff either broken or stolen. 
Right now i just feel like... fml. I'm sorry if I am emo-ing much. but.. ARGH!

Kind of looking forward to winter vacation. Going on a trip with my really good friend! <3

 (funny choice of pic, considering my outburst) 

-My stolen item has been brought back!
Although, not in my possesion yet, but I will get it tomorrow.
Thank you Mette.

Je t'aime.
Wo ai ni. 

Purple Smurple

I love purples!
It's such a flattering colour, especially for brown eyes.
-As if you haven't heard that before.

This is what i did:
took the light pink in the inner corners
applied the rusty purple onto all of my lid, stopping at the crease
darkened the outer corners with the dark purple. 

Really simple!