onsdag den 16. maj 2012

Daiquiries in Amsterdam

Long long long time ago. Was out for dinner with one of my best friends at a really nice restaurant/café. We ordered the same burger - it was so nomnomnom- but we got different drinks, mine a strawberry daiquiri-esque one. It was really good!

I'm actually going to Holland with the same  friend and we're super excited! Only problem is the fact that we're only allowed one suitcase of 20kg. We must travel barehanded to make space for all our epic finds, hehehehe

fredag den 4. maj 2012

Walking and Talking

Had some fun with my sister's Iphone. I really am horrible with Smartphones of any kind, which was something that surprised me, as I usually like high tech devices. It's the buttons, I know it is! guess I just don't have the nack for touch screens. 

It's been gorgeous weather lately and I was therefor out with my petit amie for a walk. We had to go early since he had to attend a birthday at 12, so up and kicking early on a day off, which is very impressive! I have no regrets and it was actually really refreshing. It seems that I have underestimated spring this time. 

 I've painted and bought a lot that I would love to post- I just need the camera to do it!