mandag den 31. december 2012

søndag den 30. december 2012

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream

I actually bought this about one year ago on sale but it's some kind of sister to one of their facial cremes in the permanent line. Even when I bought it on sale, it was really pricey! Like, full price in the USA and the UK. Damn Denmark and its stupid taxes. Fat tax.

At first I was sceptical but I got it anyways, as I wanted to see what a high end creme does to your skin- and let me tell you: It does wonders!
     The texture is rather light and gel-like and it's packed with a loooot of moisture. Apparently a research team went to Greenland to find some properties in the moisturizer that makes it work as a dream. A little goes a long way! I was so mind blown that I went ahead and bought a back up- the one on the pic- and I have used both up by now. I guess you could say that I am writing this post as a commemoration.

The packaging is okay, nothing too clinical, not too cute, very simple so to speak. It has a protective lid, under the big one, and that's really all there is to it. Not very hygienic as you are scoping it up with your fingers (you could use a spoon, but girl- we all know, that we can't be bothered).

My journey with it has now come to an end. I might re-purchase it if it was to go on sale again, which is very unlikely. It has made me try other high end moisturizers, and I purchased the raved Embryolisse the other day (I did eye this for a longer time though)

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lørdag den 29. december 2012

Can't Be Bothered

I should be better at using my colourfull lipsticks. Why is it that whenever I have extra time in the morning, I opt for a more interesting eye look rather than slapping on some fuschia, red, orange or purple?

Here I am barely wearing any make up. I've got some foundation (probs concealer too), mascara, minimal eyeliner and a hot pink stained lip. So simple, so seemingly careless. But wearing a strong shade is rather committing, for I am one who wants it to look its best at all times as I am going to rock it anyways!

Am I the only one here, who's afraid of getting it smeared everywhere?

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torsdag den 27. december 2012

Fairlane Frugal

I will be living the frugal life throughout January. No bringing my credit card or lots of cash- but I will be bringing my own food and drinks.

Not quite Litas, they are the "Fairlane" by Jeffrey Campbell. I like how the style of the shoe won't cut off the length of your leg (it has a deeper "cleavage" so to speak heheh). I am a little iffy about the size of the shoe, would have preferred a size 8, but I could do no such thing as it was the last size. Sigh. Head on onto to get them - in a size 8.5- as they are on sale at the moment.

søndag den 23. december 2012

Stay Safe

Another snow storm started on Sunday the 23rd of December here in Denmark. There have been many accidents and even a case of death, which is awful, a thing that does not happen frequently in this country of mine. Stay warm, stay safe.

Merry Christmas

mandag den 17. december 2012

Glossy Skull

I really do like this shade of grey. I do. I just can't forego the paint-like layer that it requires to make it opaque. It's the polish called "Skullsandglossbones" by OPI, I did the nail art with some black polish I bought from the Czec Republic a couple of years ago. I actually painted this a while ago as I was inspired by Halloween, but only just found these pictures now hehehe. I like the playfullness of it. (do you see the Stephen King text in the background??)

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søndag den 16. december 2012

Bubble Bubble, Double Combo

Went for bubble tea with my good friend Marc. It was a lot of fun, and we got to  gossip a whole lot about k-pop haha! It's always like that with him.
      Bubble tea brings me back to Malaysia and fun times, and somehow I didn't get any the last time I went (outrageous!) and therefor I am very pleased to be informed that they have now entered the Danish market. They are pricey and they are costly! But yummy and totally worth it, just saying. 

This is the third place I have gotten it, and it was absolutely delicious! I prefer milk-tea honey melon as my base, mhhhhh. It's really a treat! The first time was by a street vendor on Strøget and it was an absolute horror, obnoxious stuff, really. I had better luck at they "specialised shops" thank god haha- the guys at Copenhagen central station are a hoot too haha. These babies are not super popular here yet, but they probably will be. I mean, how can they not!? 

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mandag den 10. december 2012

Louise Gray x Topshop

Picked up this blush called "up in the air" from Topshop the other day, which is a weird sentence both to write and say, as I am not a fan of blushes mind you. It is a part of the Louise Gray collection, and there were some pretty bombastic products in that line! All very pigmented in pastel colours, I was very intrigued. My pocket only allowed so much, and so I went for the blush duo.

The packaging is very unique as you can probably tell, very unlike Topshop's usual off white/dusty creme, black and silver. The blush case is the same "kind" as from the normal range, but it rocks this pale lime and has some gold-jazz all over it. There's this big round mirror, which is a detail that I appreciate.

They are cremes although the finish is powdery, and they are very silky to the touch. They come in a fuschia pink and this peachy orange shade, though both transfer much lighter and wearable onto my cheeks. My only concern is the staying power and that I can "blend the colour away" if ya know what I mean. All in all I give this blush a 3.5 out of 5, an impressive mark as I never really use products from this category!







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mandag den 3. december 2012

Slutty Halloween/XXX-mas

We have this event called "slutty halloween at my school" (a lot of parties and events at my college are basically a whore-fest) but due to complications with the location, it wasn't possible to book it before the 1st of December, so Slutty was changed into: Slutty Halloween/XXX-mass party.
   I actually had another costume, but I lost 1/3 of it so I decided to go with what I wore last year- perfect that it was changed into a christmas themed party too, haha. A lot of interesting things happened as always, and it was definitely better than last year! 

It was fun getting ready, the first time I am really using lashes to go out and about. I used a mix og single-lashes from eyelure and a pair from H&M - called long or something- that I cut up and randomly placed. I wanted the flirty doe eyed look and I must admit that I am digging the fake lash- effect!
   I used the Naked2 pallette for the shadows: Bootycall on my lids, Tease to define the crease and to use as a blending colour, Darkhorse on the very outer part of my crease to intensify the shading, a slight touch of YDK on the middle of my lids and unde rmy lashline. Bobbi Brown Gel liner in Black Ink 1. 

Had a lot of fun, but I regret not going to one of my good friend's 18th birthday. I was simply too smashed due to lack of sleep, and perhaps a drink or two. She will get her present tomorrow though, hahaha

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the last two pics is from the curtesy of another guy. 

søndag den 2. december 2012

Lana Del Rey.

You say you treat 'em mean to keep 'em keen - you're not that nice