fredag den 30. marts 2012

The Sun Is Shining

Been working a lot lately, four days in a row and many more hours next week! + school & homework, social life can get paused at times. I am joyous of our spring break that starts tomorrow.  I have so many errands run and books to read. It's necessary because I am deadset on going to the Netherlands.

I went shopping crazy yesterday and some of my purchases was 11 books. I've borrowed 6 at the library. What have I done?

onsdag den 21. marts 2012

mandag den 19. marts 2012

Energy Spent On Two Glitter Nails.

I am so so so sorry for the quality! I didn't have anything with a higher megapixel at hand, so I resorted to use my Macbook camera (I apologize again).

Now on to the main point: I decided to paint my nails yesterday and opted for a dark petrol blue shade from OPI called "Skii till we drop!". It's a lovely nail polish with superb pigmentation and it's a gorgeous colour as well. A few hours later I suddenly wanted something more lively and colourful, so I removed the Petrol blue and smacked on some minty green!

Then a day after, I got bored by my nails. The mint green varnish had so poor coverage and that I layered and layered it, until I reached a layer so thick it looked like paint! (true that, my friend even thought so). Even so, I've spent so much energy on my stupid nails so I ain't gonna remove it until it starts chipping on me! To perk them up a bit I decided to add two glitter nail polishes I bought the other day on two of 'em nails. It just about made my nail an inch thick, but oh well- One must let loose at times!

GOSH- 597 Miss Minty
Revlon- Galaxy
Revlon- Belle

fredag den 16. marts 2012

Our Best Friends: Ben&Jerry

Found this old picture and it makes me smile! It's Bestie and I on a train ride home, late at night- the night of "kulturnatten" or in English: Culture night. There are usually a lot of interesting events on a night like this, but after a hard day of work, late night shopping and being stood up by some allegedly drunk guys, we were completely busted. So what else to do than buy a tub of B&J cookie dough and watch a silly love movie?

Btw, trying to scoop a deep frosted ice cream from it's tub with some weakly "stir-your-coffee-with-a-fragile-wood-stick" (can be seen in Besties ice cream) is not a success. Never a success.

tirsdag den 13. marts 2012

I'm Feeling It.

Finally feeling the spring vibes! It was about time I'd say! we have about 6-8 degrees celcius in DK now (pathetic I know) but it's just about enough for one to ditch his or hers jacket, hat and scarf and enjoy the sun's rays.

These are actually old pictures haha, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! I broke my precious camera, again. I still wanted to post them, since they show how what mood I'm in as of now. They do also picture how the weather is like too. Credits go to the beautiful girls Laura and Carolina.

 Oh I am looking forward to an exciting spring with new happenings- are you?

lørdag den 10. marts 2012

No Naked Puns

I never thought this day would come. We don't have Urban Decay anywhere in Denmark, let alone Scandinavia. I haven't planned any trips for the near future. But I got it. I got Naked2. It was actually my boyfriend who got it for me, from New York (I'm horrible. I made him buy make up for me. I didn't expect that he would actually buy it!) I adore that chap.

The past few days, I've been utterly and completely obsessed. I've used it everyday, mostly all in new ways to try out all of the eye shadows. I would've liked some more mattes, but it's not something the palette is in dire need of.

 All the colours in this palette are beautiful, but I've managed to find the most used shades, and they are: Tease- use this every single day, Foxy- matte highlighter, Verve-shimmery light silver-esque color, Busted-dark,dark red-brown and Suspect- shimmery golden bronze. 

I haven't been able to put it down every morning- I even used it yesterday evening when going to a tea-party at the Danish-American embassy! Laurie S. Fulton, you are my kind of girl.

fredag den 9. marts 2012

What You See

Went skiing with friends for the first time. I wasn't confident and I had no expecatations for myself whatsoever. Turned out that I had underestimated myself! I learned how to ski (sort of) and I actually really enjoyed it. I want to go again!

The pictures are taken by my friend Carolina. She thought that it could be a fun idea to take them through the ski-glasses- brilliant idea, I say!

I look a little disorientated and bloated.. I guess it was tiring, haha.


mandag den 5. marts 2012

This and That

Just some random happenings with my friends. Walks at sunset, good food, photos and fun.

 Pictures provided by the beautiful Carolina and wonderful mr. Whimster.