mandag den 15. november 2010

Good books!

I've been reading alot again lately and I was actually able to find some not just decent books, but AWESOME books! And as you know, reading is good for you ;) 
I absolutely heart these two books, for they are the reason I haven't given up hope on the local bookstore! ( which would result in me not borrowing, therefor not reading) 

 well, here they are: 

Skulduggery Pleasant, by Derek Landy

Boy meets girl, by Meg Cabot

I also just borrowed two other books: 

Uglies, by Scott Westerfeld
Street magic, by Tamora Pierce

Lots of love, Katrine.

Happy B-day Ida!

This weekend Ida held her 15th birthday party!
It was awesome to see everyone again, it really had been too long.
Now to some pics (Have in mind that Ida took these pics with her own camera, I am just borrowing them!)

This is the birthday kid, opening Mette's and my gift.
(it was a photo book from Urban Outfitters+something a lil' extra ;) )
Left to right: Cathrine, Villads, Lilian, Ida and Klara.

Haha, I think this pic is cute :) Looks like Marie is trying to eat me!

Ida trying out her new flash. It makes night look like day! 
From left to right: Cathrine, Lilian, Mette, Andreas, Sydney and Klara.

Her amazing flash on work yet again :)
Left to right: Lilian, Carolina, Andreas, Villads, me and Jakob.

I don't know why I look so shocked.. Hm..

We were playing a danish game called: Bedstemor med slag i.
-I totally won. Kinda. 
Left to right around the table: Jakob, Oliver, me, Sydney, Mette and Andreas.

I don't know why, I just felt like putting this in.
I look rather pleased, don't I? 

That was Ida's amazing 15th birthday. 
Happy birthday dear Ida, hope you have lots of love, luck and wealth in the future! <3

fredag den 5. november 2010

My first piece of art!

As the description says, this is my first piece of art that I would like to show you :)
It's not really a "masterpiece" but i love it. I made it together with my good friend Marie
It's a portrait of our friend Flook! :) 

mandag den 1. november 2010

Cupcakes, Cakes & Candy

I felt like uploading some pics of what my firends and I have created over the past couple of months :)
Yes, it's kind of alot.. o.O -But you have to keep in mind that this has been made (and eaten, yum) over a long space of time! 

This was shot in a Starbucks when I was in Paris with two of my good friends :)

At my good friends birthday we had a cake contest. This is my bad boy, running close to a 1st place!

Our school had a birthday and so there was a cake contest. Did i mention our class won? And yes, I made this cake. You'd rather not know what's going on inside of it..

This was a yummy dessert buffet I helped set up to another one of my good friends birthday. Mhh.. 

This was our super-fantastic-pinkglitterfrosting-cake my friends and I made at yet another one of my friends birthdays!(uhh, I seem kind of popular eh? :) -fail) The birthday girl with the deer eyes.

This is what was happening inside of our super-fantastic-pinkglitterfrosting-cake. Oreo <3

And that concludes this awesome cake journey I took you guys on :) -Hope there'll be plenty more!

hugs and love,