onsdag den 30. november 2011

Revolutionary Thinking

I'm drinking for evolution, so that my children will have a stronger liver.

mandag den 28. november 2011


I have a lot of wallets, but I like to find and pick out my one and only, and use it for several years. The last wallet I had lasted for three years. I'd like to think that this one will too. I was out shopping with my sister when I saw it, and fell in love at just one glance! It's so simple, spacious and chic. And beige. It's from Monki and I have already had it for many months. It was quite inexpensive too. I love it. 

tirsdag den 22. november 2011

The Ruthless & Innocent

I had bought Innocent from Topshop a couple of weeks ago. Even with the smell and taste of soap -which is quite horrid- I really like it. It is a great "neutral" pink, but with enough cool tones to turn you lips from= drag to sassy.
     I really like it on my lips and I love it on my friend's (this is actually her Innocent lipstick, haha) who is more olive-y than me. It is not obviously easy to pull off, but I think anyone could do it.

Ruthless is a colour that I have wanted for a long time. Sad to say that it disappointed me. I guess I had too many expectations and an impossibly high standard for this lippy. For its price I would have expected more glam and smoothness, but it is really hard to work with. The colour is a wonderful dark matte purple, but you can not use it sparingly by itself. It works together with a little lip gloss though!
     It's just really hard to wear. The colour is strong and therefor not all that suitable for a student as I. It's hard to apply and it's very dry. The scent is also a minus here to. So my conclusion is: It's nice, but not something I would recommend. I think you can find better alternatives out there for a cheaper price.

mandag den 21. november 2011

This is why, I read everything backwards.

If you watch Titanic backwards, It is a heart warming tale of a ship which jumps out of the water and saves lots of drowning people.

lørdag den 19. november 2011

Everyday Is A Wednesday

I have been living as if it has been wednesday all week. Even when it was sunday. Which sucked, because I had a mild panic attack when I suddenly woke up twenty minutes before school started (it takes me 30 minutes to get to school), before realizing that it was sunday and I fell right back to sleep. 

I am reading again (yay), and I have just bought three additional books to the pile of unread books that lingers on my shelfs. I started and finished a book within two days, simply because it was so freaking good. Went out and bought the second volume, the day after I had bought the first one. Whilst shopping for the follow-up I came upon a volume four in a series -that is one of my all-time favorites- which I believed only consisted of three. After overcoming the feeling of shame, for not knowing there existed a book no. 4, I simply had to purchase and read that one too. I don't get, where I find the spare-time.

I went out to dine fancy with a friend yesterday. We went to café Blå Hund and ordered two burgers and some drinks. The burgers were massive. The size of my head. Literally. Like, in volume. It tasted great, so hurray for there being a lot of burger. After dinner we went out and bought some small christmas presents for our friends and went back to her place and ate ice cream. Yum. 

I know the picture is very random, but I like it. I prefer using pictures that I have taken myself, don't ask me why. It's calming on some level. 

mandag den 14. november 2011


The IKEA catalogue is the 3rd most printed publication in the world after the Bible and Harry Potter

søndag den 13. november 2011


I got this wayyy back in the days (or, not wayyy back, but more like 2009-ish) when I was is Paris. This is a product that has been very hyped and is very praised. So, how can I not try it out?

Mac's Painterly Paint Pot is actually an eyeshadow, but it is famously known for being an eye-primer. It is flesh toned and matte and has decent coverage, and is therefor a good option for those with apparent veins on their eyelids. I once used this as an under-eye concealer, and it worked fab. -Good coverage and long-lasting.

The formula is nice! It is creamy and soft, just how I like it. I didn't think that it would last long, though, whether drying up would happen first or me using it up. Let me say, that I have used it fairly much, but I have only dented it. It has cracked a little around the edges, but it is still super blendable and smooth.

The packaging is really nice too. As all Mac make up, it is minimalistic and somewhat sturdy. It does a good job on keeping the product's moist.

Should you try it out? YES! Should you splurge on it? YES. Is it a must? WELL, it's not really  must, but it is nice to have in your collection. Go to Mac, try it out I'd say.

lørdag den 12. november 2011

mandag den 7. november 2011

That awkward moment when you play hide and seek with Darth Vader but you can hear him breathing

Pretty Pink Please?

I went on a hunt. A hunt for a pretty, bubble-gum bright blush. After a few weeks of research, I ended up buying this product. It is Loréal's True Match blush in Vrai Rose/ True Rose. I was initially drawn to this, because it said "for fair skin" on the packaging, and I tend to, unfortunately, turn pasty and ghost-like. Very unflattering!

I had actually picked this up a couple of months ago, but seeing the price I opted out. Now it was on offer and I could simply not say no this time around.

It is very pink indeed! But if blended too much, it becomes reddish -no it's not my skin turning red, it IS the blush. This seems odd to me, and is sadly a big minus. But only because I naturally have very flushed cheeks (damn you pigments!).

Packaging is crap, but it is drugstore, so no real surprise there.

I would actually recommend this blush. It is nice, pigmented, stays on and can be found at a reasonable price. But I would only recommend this for light- to medium/tan skin tones and specifically for people with no colour to their cheeks, whatsoever. So for you with rosacea, stay away!