lørdag den 30. juni 2012

For What It Is Worth

I bought this lovely top from H&M- it's very unlikely that it will still be in stores, it is very old. It has taken me forever to get my hands on the pictures from my little foto session I did a while back, when this was still new. Nonetheless, the point of this post is not this one item in particular, but the small effort and detailing I like so much.

This t-shirt is not anything "WOW-KAPOOW-BOOM-SHAKALAKA" but I can't seem to get over the collar. And yes I know, it's an old trend, bla bla bla. But no. Forget the collar and simply focus on the beautiful rhinestones delicately spread onto the cream colour that happens to be a collar. THIS my little sunshines, is detailing. Whether it be on the collar, the shirt-pocket, sleeves, on the buttons, heck even something extravaganza, it's gorgeous.

See I highly doubt that there has been someone who has neatly glued these stones on (if so, I appreciate it loads, mate) since the thought is what counts, no? It really dresses up a boring garment.

 So ladies and gents, shall we all go find an old clothing item, to pimp tonight?

tirsdag den 5. juni 2012

Rounding Me Up

Summer, what joy! The summer of 2012 is the summer I have spent the most on sun glasses. 345kr for a pair! - But they were round, the glasses were blue and with polaroid or something else against the sun. I regret nothing, haha.

Though the ones that I am wearing in the pic are some cheap ass ones from H&M. Big, round and bold. Never been a big fan of round glasses, a bit too Elton John, Harry Potter or some other guy- but this year, I have gone crazy over them.

It miiight not be the best match for my round face. Heard somewhere that round faces should stick with squared glasses and vice versa. Meh, it doesn't bother me. There are no one else but me, myself, to impress. I say; Everybody should try a pair of round sun glasses!

credits to beautiful Carolina