mandag den 31. oktober 2011

I'm On My Way

Just went shopping. Bought a lot of stuff. I like. You know, I might just.. Take tons of pictures and post my crazy shopping behaviour I have had, as of lately. But it might get boring to look at, if it gets too lengthy. I've got to solve this problem. Sneak peak/info: Topshop, Urban Outfitters, MAC, Gina Tricot, Flying A, H&M and thrift stores across Denmark.

I miss my friends. But I have them at school to keep me busy, so it's cool. I think, that my "old" friends and my new friends think of me differently. It's fun to shift personalities, because both of them are me, haha. Nah, I behave the same, it's just that people get different impressions. Interesting.

I look so angry. I don't know why!

Rhymes of Rove.

Some say love is a river, 
that drowns the tender reed.
Some say love is a razor, 

that leaves your soul to bleed. 
Some say love is a hunger, 
an endless aching need. 
I say love is a flower, 
and you are the only seed. 

mandag den 17. oktober 2011

We Can Make Summer Last Forever

This is my favorite bronzer by far! I've tried tons, whether it being matte, shimmery, dark or/and light, this does it for me. It's easy to apply, and is very blendable. It shows up on my skin, but not as to where it is way too obvious. It has a subtle shimmer to it, but it adds life and a little fun to your face. 

It is definitely my go-to bronzer, but I've lately been digging high lighting, as it seems more natural than having defined cheeks at all times. -But that means that I haven't been using it too too much, and that's probably a good thing, for I have already put a dent in it!

It is Too faced's Glamour to go, holiday edition: Fairy edition.

mandag den 10. oktober 2011

Best Literary Piece of Art

I read tons of books. Different books. I switch between genres, authors and page numbers. 
But I must say, this is the most beautiful, wellwritten, best invented book that I have read in my life so far. 

It is No. 1 in my heart, and that's probably where it will stay for some time.

Simple When It Works

This is one of my eye looks that I enjoy doing - When it works. If I do it several days in a row, it gets easy, but if I take a break away from it, I'll mess it up when I start again. Gah! I've recently been sporting it with more of a wing, that follows my lower lash line.

This time I used a liquid liner, and I had a sheer wash of Urban Decay's Maui waui (really pretty colour. Me likes) and Great Lash mascara from Maybelline. No face make up.