tirsdag den 31. maj 2011

From Hell.. Hell.

I actually kind of like the outfit. It's quite girly, because of the pink/powder tones, but not too girly, as to where it's yucky.

I wore these ballerinas ONCE for 20-30 minutes and it was torture. Plain torture. They were too small and injured my foot,  leaving it, with a gaping hole on my heel. Damn you shoes!

Top from H&M
Cardigan from H&M 
Shorts from Thelin
Legging-things from.. Uh..
Ballerinas from Hell.. Hell.

mandag den 30. maj 2011

An alternative solution II

When your table wobbles, stick 'em knifes in.
(How come all the "alternative solutions" I find, is at chinese restaurants?)

lørdag den 28. maj 2011

Quite Colourful

Whenever I play with my make up, I'll usually reach for my neutral eyeshadows. Then suddenly I found something. Something good. My Clair Palette! I realised that it had been neglected for far too long, and thus I had a joyous time fiddling with it. The results were this: 

How to:
Apply some white kind of base. A white eyeliner would work too.
Start with applying the violet to the first portion of your eye (1/3)
Then the green to the 2/3
Then the orange the last portion (3/3).
-remember to blend the colours whilst applying-
-If the colours has faded, just reapply-
On the lower lashline, I dusted on a light blue.
And to tie it all together I finished of with mascara and eyeliner.

fredag den 27. maj 2011

Last Day of School

Been waiting for 10 years for this day to come. Even though it's awesome and I'll be starting a new chapter.. I feel Kind of sad. I guess I'll always have the memories.

Thank you 9.b, for the best three years <3

lørdag den 21. maj 2011

Partir. C'est mourir un peu

Sakura Festival

After the earthquake in Japan, the japanese-danish society wanted to hold a festival at Langelinje to raise donations to help Japan. My mom, little brother and I went and we had a really good time! There were lots of people too: Japanese, chinese, danish, hespanic and whatnot. Multi-racial come togethers ftw.

We ate onigiri and sweet bun-like pancakes, bought japanese books/mangas, saw a lot of cosplayers and enjoyed the atmosphere. 

I even met some of my friends, from when japanese class (which ended roughly two/three months ago). The funny thing is, that I didn't even expect to meet them, hadn't thought about it. Fail.

Heres some pictures from that sunny day: 

Windy Days

mandag den 16. maj 2011

Luck in.. Handyman-ness?

I bought this ring in H&M for quite some time ago. I saw it in the bucket full of junk that had been priced lower. For a looonger time ago, I spotted this and fell in love. It originates from a bundle of three rings. Out of all three, I liked this one the most. But it wal really pricey, so I vetoed it.

Then I found it again, for a ridiculous price and went for it (albeit two of the three rings being broken and a size small) - I can wear it on my ringfinger. And if you can skim the other gold ring on my.. F***k finger, it one of the other two broken rings.

My Beautiful City

lørdag den 14. maj 2011

Cheap But Good

It's hyped up all over the world. The average make up user knows it, most owns it. I'ts the Dream mat powder form Maybelline. I can't tell you how many times I've seen a Make up guru on Youtube a writer on blogger rave about it. 

I bought this (tempted by surfing the net). It's actually pretty good. When I am lazy and only apply some concealer I dust this all over my face, concentrating on my T-zone and I'm done. It leaves the skin matte with some coverage. I like. 

My colour is 04 vanilla rose/beige rose

A warm soul


Priveleged (not the show)

The other day I was very priveleged! I had been invited (with my family) to a fancy dinner at the Radisson hotel with The Big Gun a.k.a Malaysias prime minister. It was fun, the food was nice, met some new people and I ended on tv both in Denmark and Malaysia. I'll gladly sign your forhead ;) 

Bag by Pieces
Top by H&M
Blazer by H&M
Highwaisted skirt by H&M
Leggings by some random brand
Shoes by (this is getting awkward) H&M

Pearl earrings
Watch frome somewhere..