tirsdag den 31. december 2013

Happy New Years,

Bye bye 2013. In some ways it feels as if you lasted 4 years and in others you just passed by- kind of like a stranger that I didn't even notice. 

So much stuff and so many people happened and I feel sorry to let you go. But now I need to go and suck up to 2014, and hope it'll be another year to remember. 

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 (This is so not my own picture by the way, but it makes me feel festive. Don't judge)

mandag den 16. december 2013

I've been sinning

I just got a Tumblr account. After many years of steering clear of that path and preventing myself from walking down that path, I finally caved in.. And I have not been able to fight my way out of the endless pictures and gifs. After several days of neglecting my blog I feel dejected. I suck. 

Now I just hope I'll be able to stay off Instagram.

søndag den 8. december 2013


난 못해 내 사랑 너를 못잊어 못잊어
I can’t, my love, I can’t forget you, forget you
이 다음 세상에 다시 태어난데도
Even if I’m born in the next world
그 때 또 난 너와 사랑할거야
I will love you then as well 

fredag den 6. december 2013

Moleskin x Notebooks

Stationary presses all the right buttons within me. I've wanted Moleskin notebooks since forever, but they're pretty pricey, seeing as their authentic leather and all. I sort of cheated and bought their notebooks.. but not the leather ones. These are made of paper but they make me feel equally good. There were so many pretty colours to choose between; pastels, whites, etc. but I stuck with simple black and navy ones. It might be boring, but there's a smaller chance of me regretting the purchase. I deliberately chose the ones without lines, as I think it give some more creative freedom (probably some subconscious idea of mine, being confined by having to keep in the lines).

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torsdag den 5. december 2013

Wuthering Heights

A storm named Bodil (and Svend in Sweden?) is slowly approaching, apparently as the result of wind pressure. It will hit in the afternoon. We were let of school a little earlier so we could get home safe and sound, but of course I have to go to work. I don't know what to expect, seen as I was in Japan the last time a storm of this scale happened in little sweet Denmark. I don't feel like dying just yet. And I would be really mad if the cause of death would be wayward Christmas decorations.

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