fredag den 31. august 2012


I'm tired of being sweet and nice,
fuck you once and fuck you twice.


søndag den 26. august 2012

Ahn So Hee

This picture gives me inexplainable amounts of tranquility and inspiration. 
It might be Sohee's aura, the pastel-dusky pink nuances or the funky simplicity of it all. 
It could also be those Mickey Mouse ears.

torsdag den 23. august 2012

The Tale of Holland

Went to Holland just a friend and I, such a beautiful place. Everybody else were going to Roskilde, which is a really big and really famous festival in Denmark, but we decided to travel instead! I Went with a beautiful person, met beautiful people all who have beautiful hearts.

This is going to be a looong post! We were mainly in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, shopping, watching girls in windows, buying hash lollipops, eating fries and vla, sweating (30+ degrees celcius everyday!), visiting museums and such.

The museums we were at, were the Van Gogh museum, Madame Taussauds, Rijksmuseum and the sexmuseum- all of them located in Amsterdam. It was interesting, but looking fancy while going around pulled it all up a notch haha! We were keen on having at least one fancy evening with expensive food, and even with our tight budget we managed.

I was told that it's a lot like Copenhagen but I beg to disagree. Not only is everything on a much larger scale, the people, the fashion, the architecture, the food and the customs are widely different! The trip was definitely worth every penny.

Anyways, without further a do (the pictures are quite random!) and yes. I stole them all from the lovely girl accompanying me on the pictures. I have no shame. I did snap some of them though!

tirsdag den 21. august 2012

I've Been to Holland

This is Holland. Will try to upload some more pictures, tell some more stories.

fredag den 10. august 2012