onsdag den 29. februar 2012


Being worried is like walking around with an umbrella waiting for rain

søndag den 26. februar 2012

Pain Pain Pain

Right now I'm doing a killer math hand-in. The level is okay and I should know all about the subject, but somehow I get stuck (had to ask the smart heads in my class for guidance and resorted to skype my a-level friend) yes yes, this will probably be an all nighter, especially since I also have marketing and English homework due..

Anywho, I just came home from an exhausting and painful skiing trip and I actually really enjoyed it! - apart from hurting my shins and abusing them to the extent of excrutiating pain, it was probably one of the most heart flailing and fun experiences. It was in Sweden, and even though they have many big cities and good places to shop, we were only there for two days and the rest of the team was dead-set on skiing.

Found this picture browsing through my albums. It's old but it still applies for when I'm going out to shop- hardcore style. Simple, basic clothes that you can easily pull a shirt or a skirt over.

torsdag den 23. februar 2012

Coloured Stones

I bought this bracelet in Topshop on sale. At first I was hestitant, since it is a very unusual piece (from what I use to wear) It is a bright gold with coloured "stones" across it in various colours. When standing in line for paying I was still debating whether or not to buy it, but I did it anyways- silly, because it WAS on sale, and did not cost all that much. Nonetheless I am very pleased with this purchase! The stones make it unique and kind of bohemian and it's actually very comfortable to wear too!

lørdag den 18. februar 2012

This Is What I Made

I went to Mac and took the leap. I finally made my own personalized eyeshadow palette! It's actually not really new, I've had it for some time now. They are (from top to left, bottom to left) Mulch, Satin taupe, Naked lunch and Copperplate.
     So, the pictures aren't actually true to how they look in real-life.. But they are the only pictures I have on hand, so they will have to do! Let me tell some short tales of each of these shadows,

Mulch was a colour I have been looking for in years. I succeeded in finding a colour comparable to my favourite brown from H&M (far out, eh?). I swatched it in Malaysia back in 2009 and had wished for it since.

When in seventh grade I read this magazine that had an interview with Selena Gomez. She claimed that her fav eyeshadow of all times was Naked Lunch from Mac. She has had me in awe for this light shimmery pink for years.

Satin Taupe is a colour everyone say is a must-have and I can finally join this club of taupe-loving people! This is probably the eyeshadow I have wanted for the longest time- ever since I started being interested in make up.

I didn't actually think much of Copperplate. It was a last-minute thing to fill out my palette. The only criterias were that it had to be matte and neutral. Funny enough, it is the shadow I have used the most.

fredag den 17. februar 2012

Paul Simon

"the earth was born in a storm,
the waters were seaded the mountains were formed
the univers loves a drama you know
so ladies and gentlemen this is the show"

lørdag den 11. februar 2012

I See Blue

 Not sure what I did here. There must be some of Clarins' dark blue eyeshadow in 15 Iris Blue, Bobbie Brown gel eyeliner in 1 Black Ink and Mac's icy blue/silver eyeshadow in Fashion- Starflash collection.

torsdag den 9. februar 2012

Blue Jeans

I am so very fond of this (some might say) boring colour, but it is absolutely beautiful. It is a bluish-grey eyeliner from Gosh named Denim grey, which I found to be an appropriate name. I've had and tried some eyeliners that is reminiscent of this shade and have ended up unhappy. Not with this on!

It is opaque, creamy, the wear is good, the colour is fab and it's a cheap one. Can't beat it much, now can you? I use it as a make up base or on my waterline. It stays put and brightens up eyes and a dull face.

torsdag den 2. februar 2012


I used to wear colours. bright, bold and BAM-in-your-face colours. It's a bit of a pity, because they really can light up a boring day and with the right colours it is a fabulous way to accentuate those peeps of yours. It seems that I don't do these eye-catching colours anymore because I have become to lazy and because I dig the more "subtle" shades on the eyes (for now). Another minus is that it isa tool almost too simple to make you look like a slut that has been out rave partying with people who poops glitter and eats M&M's.

I have found all of my old colourful favorites and I shall soon be rocking them like no one has ever rocked a green smokey eye, blue yellow tear ducts, blue eyeliner or a neutral eye with a pop of purple! Ah yes,  I hope that I will jump right back into this again - And even if I have stopped sporting those shades on my lids you will never smear them of my lips.