onsdag den 28. november 2012

Getting Ready

Julefrokost. Christmas dinner. Some of the girls from work have had this night planned for weeks, and it was all very exciting! We ate a feast and had a drink or two at our store and played some interesting games, before we headed out onto the streets of Copenhagen, or more specifically to a bar called "Dansebaren". We had both tables and bottles - feeling the pimp vibe- and had a really good time. Went out with some of the girls my age to another bar for post-event cozyness, finally colliding with my bed at five AM haha. I had a really good time, hope they did too.

I was priveleged enough to get ready at home, so I had all the time I needed to apply my mascara and curl my hair whilst listening to some energizing music. I love this dress and it will probably be the one that I will wear for Galla/prom during spring!

tirsdag den 20. november 2012

Scary Silden

Tivoli- you know it! We went for the Halloween opening, which is two weeks during fall. There are usually a ton of people and it was even more hectic because of Halloween! Our goal for the night was the ride called "Scary silden", its usual name being Skærsilden. I find it punny hehehe.

It was a lot of fun- I didn't mind waiting around for three hours for the ride to open, nor queing (must say that Torild's hang over 7-eleven snacks she had in her bag) for two hours in the blistering cold or not getting fish chips, because I haf really good company. I love you two silly sausages! It had been too long, too long.

I have shit-loads of pictures that I would like to share, so enjoy!

I don't even know what the fuck that thing was- a carrot? A pumpkin? 

Footage of stalking a ghost and escaping the scene:

Sometimes it requires a little quality time with your camera before you are able to actually use it. Although the effect is charming in some ways, I'd rather not have it doing this to me. I have eight too many of these kind of photos:

mandag den 12. november 2012

søndag den 11. november 2012

A No Brainer

I am digging this product so far. It's used on its own in school, a blender with my foundation and it's going to be for those evenings where the sun isn't blasting and you just need a little extra coverage when I will be residing in Aussie. It is: Clinique age defense BB cream with SPF 30

I actually do really like this product, it reminds me of the Mac BB cream (could be the smell) but it's definitely a deeper colour compared to the Mac's fair shade selection. the consistency in itself is creamy. The level of moisture is good, not overly oily, descent coverage, oxidizes close to the shade of your skin- I do not ask more of this. Packaging is the traditional green and silver very much Clinique's style. The cream comes in a tube, it's a no brainer.

It's pricey, I won't tell no lies, but I got it on sale for half price and I am really glad I did for I wouldn't have picked it up otherwise! If you can, I'd recommend going to some Clinique outlets and ask for some samples.