onsdag den 31. oktober 2012

It's Nice

Funny story with this ring, but to boil it down to the main point it is about this ring. My sister had forgotten it, but it turned out that she had a back up (from another incident where she thought that she had lost it) and so I am one lucky girl to be borrowing her favourite ring. I feel naked without my rings and so I have worn it every day since then.
    It's nice. It's like having her around all the time. 

mandag den 29. oktober 2012

I Am Far Away

We are slowly transitioning into winter and I am cool with that. Totally. Thing is, I will be going to Australia in a couple of months time and it is going to be blazing hot! I am just preparing myself for when the time comes. My weapon of choice will be my tropical/deserted island nails.

They were actually quite fun to do! Some improvising had to be done regarding the colours, and that's why there is an abundance of bottles at the end, showing what I myself used. I would have preferred all creams (even mattes!) but we can't all have it as we would like, sigh.

If you aren't very crafty you could really just do one nail with this pattern and paint the others a solid colour. You could also - as I did on my other hand- draw birds flying in the horizon. You could do a pineapple, coconuts, a bottle with a letter inside even. 
     The pictured are pretty self-explanatory, so I won't fuss about directions and such. For the fine lines I used tooth-picks and that is it, so no fancy tools required.

Anywho, here we go:

fredag den 26. oktober 2012

torsdag den 25. oktober 2012

This Is What I Am Reading

Fun story with this book: A year ago or so, I was at a party at my friend's house where there were tons of people, liquids, music and small talk. Amidst all of this I was sitting in her room, having found an interesting time passing, The lovely bones.

To be honest I had heard about this story from the movie based on it. Didn't get to see the movie, but I got to borrow the book the other day, and I am intent on reading it through this time, even if I only have a couple of minutes a day to spare.

I have many recommendable books, might make a post about it. It's a touching book, and also not as I thought it to be. I will come back to this book later.

tirsdag den 23. oktober 2012


I FINALLY GOT IT! Panasonic DMC-LX7 in white. I have had so much trouble with this camera (long story, won't even delve into it) but I finally have it here in my hands! I insisted upon it being white, but after watching 219830 reviews etc. I have realised the beauty in the black one too. I love it to bits but my only concern is that it will scratch easy because of the glossy surface!

I am back in the game now and I will be posting relevant things on here, stuff that I really wanted to share but haven't had the opportunity to. So far I am still fiddling with it, trying to get to know its abilities by heart. Unfortunately for me there are hella amounts of buttons and features..

I love how bulky, clumsy and heavy it is. The Leica lens is definitely the best part- aperture ring, lens cap and all that jazz. I am so pumped.

søndag den 21. oktober 2012

S†ay With Me S†ranger

I don’t know you but I want to all the more for that. Don’t let go, I beg you so. All I’ll ask of you is an ounce of trust and you shall grant me this, you must. Think of nothing-just listen to what I say: maybe not right now, but you will be okay. 

torsdag den 18. oktober 2012

Inspiration III

No, I did not do any of these illustrations. Does it count that I would love to have though?

lørdag den 13. oktober 2012

Next Year

A friend of mine whom chose to go her own way. She is currently in the country of Stars and Stripes. Badass, but not as badass as our Dannebro. I miss her, I do, she left us too soon.

This picture is one we took over summer break at "Diamanten" - a hardcore library at Bryggen in Copenhagen- when we were revising some home work. It's weird not to see your class mate everyday. It will be nice when she returns next year. Who knows, maybe she will be my "putte" and I will be her Tutor.

torsdag den 11. oktober 2012



Across the ocean, across the sand,
What is out there for me, on this foreign land?

It’s cold. It’s actually freezing cold. The low air-humidity due to the cold North-European hemisphere does not produce a clammy feeling in the air, nor does it leave traces of sweat-beads on the skin. The rumours about the iciness of their winter-weather were nothing short of the truth. It’s noisy; people are chattering on their cells, mumbling to themselves, conversing amongst each other. People are everywhere- but they’re not the same kind of people that I am used to, not the same people as at home. At least not where I’m from. 

mandag den 8. oktober 2012

An Apple And A Rose

Teacher's day was friday. At the entrance there were apples and roses and everyone went: like, whuuuut

Turned out that they were for our teachers, roses for the ladies and apples for the men. I think it was a great idea- except I'm pretty sure some stole 'em apples and devoured them in secret. Shame on you people. 


onsdag den 3. oktober 2012

Only In China

At my school we have different study-lines. We actually have a ton. Some of the more interesting ones would be the Elite, Team Denmark (special for athletes), Spanish profile, the International profile (mine!) and today's topic: the Chinese profile. 

On the last three study-lines it is mandatory to travel to a foreign country that is relevant regarding the language you are learning. My friend who is in the Chinese profile went to Shanghai with her class and I am mad jealous! 

 won't be posting up pictures, since it wasn't my trip and it would be e breach of privacy haha. She told me about her visit to McDonalds and I found it intriguing. Black and White burger (yin and yang anyone??) and the divine drink: bubble tea aka pearl tea. 
     All this for almost no money at all. I want to go too!