torsdag den 26. april 2012


I went out with my sister and we went to this "smoothie/café" shop in inner Copenhagen at Nyhavn. The assortment wasn't grand or anything, but the smoothies we bought we delish! Mine was the purple, which was blueberry and banana and my sister's was... Uhm. It was orange, yes. The content of these plastic cups were demolished in seconds.

 I've always been reluctant to splurge on smoothies as they are simple to make at home, but with the café's cozyness and all, it was worth it. Smoothie shops, hurray!

tirsdag den 10. april 2012

Just a Little Bit

I tend to grab for my waterproof mascaras (they're really waterPROOF and not waterRESISTANT) since they hold the best curl and doesn't smudge. This seems too good to be true, and it is. At least for the health of me lashes.

I tried out some of my non-waterproof formulas and I was simply not impressed by the result of my lashes. That was until! *drumroll* EYELASH PRIMER! yes yes, as simple as that. A quick easy step before the application of your fav mascara and it dramatically changes the final look. My lashes suck. They are not particularly sparse, but they're thin and the ends gravitate towards my toes for some reason.

On these pictures I cheated a bit and used the primer on one of the duo-mascara wands by Loréal, on top I used million lashes also by Loréal. It takes a more effort, but I am definitely willing to sacrifice it- both for the sake of looking as good as can be and for the sake of my poor lashes.