lørdag den 26. marts 2011

Some Stuff

This is just some of the stuff I use.. Actually, it was my old make up routine, but I've only changed it a tiny bit! For everyday, now I just use the Garnier eye roller with tint and i don't do any foundation (or actually just a bit of the Shisiedo tinted moisturizer or Bourjoirs foundation) and I also rarely use eye shadow. It does happen though!

Yummy in My Tummy!

Just a couple of pic's of what we ate, when we (Bestie, Bestis's lil sis and I) went to visit Besties grandma in Skanderborg. -The food is actually form a department store in Aarhus (Sallys's I think), which is close to Skanderborg! It tasted soooo good! Bestie and her lil sis got the ginormous club sandwich and her grandma and I got the cream curry soup. 

lørdag den 19. marts 2011

Stupid danish weather

Got a letter from the gymnasium that I've applied for. My heart went: ba-dump, ba-dump and I thought to myself: Omg, am I getting the yes or no right now? As the patient person I am known to be, I ripped it open in 0.47 seconds, only to read, that they have now recieved my letter. +.+. It felt like I just lost eight years of my life then and there, and I know that it seems like I am being overly dramatic right now, but I'm not. Seriously. I have only applied for one school, and if they don't accept me.. I am screwed.

Made a lot of food yesterday! It was chinese and had help from my mom and brother. Well, my mom, all my brother really was doing, was throwing out the trash. I got tons of picutres of the cooking, might put some up. -Baked a gigantic carrot cake for dessert after, YUM, it tastes sooo good. Too good. It makes me gain weight dammit >.<

I really like my make up in these pictures. My skin looks glowy and healthy too! Argh, stupid cold danish weather made my skin go all gross and dry. I could cry. Actually, know what? I AM going too cry. See how you like that, danish weather! (Don't think you care at all).I am wearing my "Shiny eyes" make up too. Hihi. Think I am wearing Dior lip gloss in.. Uhm.. It's this hot pink colour with blue reflects in it.

fredag den 18. marts 2011

An alternative solution.


When in need of space, chop off some of your door.


I feel so sorry for Japan. Mother nature really is not predictable. Even though it is so far away, the world is still our home and Japan is our family. I hope that red cross will make it easier to donate some money, even if you live 1000 miles away! 

Now on to some other trivial matters! My hair. sucks. HardI tried to trim it, but somehow it resulted in my hair going all frizzy and it won't lay down :( Aish, I should never had touched it. really. what was so bad about it before? ( referring to my vain pictures below) 

I bought two really pretty -and frilly- things yesterday! A jacket and a dress, both from H&M. - Gotta love H&M! Anyways, They are in the dusty lilac and pink scheme. I really love them both, and I want to put some pictures of them up, the small problem is that, well, I don't have any pictures.. I'll work on that. 

Also I bought some Chanel stuff.Je t'aime Chanel!  Ugh, I am spending to much and not working enough. I don't have pictures of those things too.. I am going to go paparazzi on all of my stuff soon.

I.. Don't have an explanation.

onsdag den 16. marts 2011

Shiny eyes

A very simple.. tutorial, I guess, on how to get glittery white-gold eyes. I actually really like this, and it's surprisingly very easy.

All you need to do is: get a brownish beige base (preferably glittery) and you apply that to all of the lid, stopping shy of the crease. Then apply a silver-gold-ish color to your lid (maui waui from Urban Decy is another one) and put that on top. Super easy! Then apply mascara and run some black eyeliner over your eyelash, make sure it's blended and smokey.

Products I used: 

Beauty UK's mousse eyeliner in brown
Too faced glamour palette (fairy edition) the glitter white gold 
Max factor false lashes 
Rimmel eye kohl in trendsetter
H&M small make up brush

Fit for CNY

For hundreds of days ago I went to Chinese New Year, but silly as I am, I haven't been able to upload the pictures before now.
We went to a running sushi restaurant called " Nyu Sakura" which means : something, Cherry blossom tree. It was really good food and ate myself fat. yum

Well, this is what I wore then and there!

 MbyM top
H&M striped blouse
random black leggings
ONLY chain&bow bag
H&M scarf
jacket from a market in China